[APP][Pro] BlueAir

Athom Home Support for BlueAir

Supported devices
BlueAir 405 Classic

Flow cards

Supported triggers:
[]Fan speed change
]Filter needs change

Supported actions:
[]Set brightness
]Set fan speed

Search for new device and enter your credentials. Same as with the BlueAir app on your phone.

Supported Languages:

If you want to support this app, please consider a donation

Hi @MathiasT,

I tried adding my Blue Max 3250i as a device in Homey using this app but received the error message “The provided credentials are not valid.”

I haven’t tested agains Blue Max devices. Currently Im in development against BlueAir AWS API. Yes, they have two. So I’m reverse engineering their API via their APP on a samsung that I hacked to get all network traffic while doing operations. takes time.

Thanks for putting in the effort to support Blue Max. Look forward to using it in the future. Cheers