Homey got bigger and doesn't boot

Hi guys,

I had an issue with my Homey where he couldn’t connect to Zigbee for 2 days. I tried to reboot the Homey by unplugging the power cable and reconnecting.

Unfortunately it doesn’t boot at all now. Also, while unplugging the cable, I noticed the bottom of the Homey got a lot bigger.

Anyone else ever seen this issue? It looks as if some internal piece blew itself up…

I would immediately contact Support | Homey

User @Marina_Rietveld had similar issues, she received a replacement unit:

Oh wow, that’s even worse.

Was afraid I would need a replacement. Any way to still sync all my flows and conmected devices? Or does this mean I’ll need to spend a weekend rebuilding everything? :sweat_smile:

I do hope you made an offline backup every x days, or you use the cloud backup service (just €10/y).
Saved my ass multiple times!

Wish I had… It’s fried now, so I’m afraid I can’t do that anymore… :sweat_smile::cry:

Hmm, so you learned the hard way, creating backups is quite handy :relieved:
Maybe Athom can copy your data somehow, they probably want to examine your Pro.

Yep, I’m afraid I did.

Hoping for a positive reply from Athom on monday :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Quick update: thanks to the Athom support-team I managed to create a backup using this tool:

Now fingers crossed that the vendor manages to switch the device for a new one asap… :wink:

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Ah, that’s what I meant with

but now I realize it’s not clear to everyone