Homey Google assistant dynamic flow


I want to create a dynamic flow.

I have a Google assistant and Ikea fyrtur blinds in two different rooms. Bedroom and office.

I would like to make a voice command were I say “Ok Google, Blinds”
This will trigger a flow that toggle the blinds in that room.

I know how to connect the flow to google and run it with voice command.
My problem is: how do I trigger the command to control the blinds in the room I am in?

So if I say “blinds” in the bedroom then only the blinds in the bedroom opens/closes?

I don’t want to say “bedroom blinds” or “office blinds”


That’s possible if you link Ikea with Ghome combined with the Tradfri hub, and the blinds paired with it. But you want to control it by Homey, of course :grimacing:.

There is a way, indeed with a dynamic flow, based on one person moving around:
After voice command “Okay google, blinds”, this flow set closes the bedroom blinds, if the movement sensor in the bedroom was active most recently.
If not, it closes the office blinds.
Use an office movement sensor to determine if the office was active most recently.

Create a logics boolean variable, I called it [In_Office]
Then create 3 flows:

  1. Flow name: Blinds Office Presence
    Movement sensor Office became active
    Logics variable [In_Office] is equal to NO
    Set logics bool variable [In_Office] to YES

  1. Flow name: Blinds Bedroom Presence
    Movement sensor Bedroom became active
    Logics variable [In_Office] is equal to YES
    Set logics bool variable [In_Office] to NO

  1. Flow name: Blinds
    Flow is started
    And logics variable [In_Office] is NO
    Close Bedroom blinds
    Close office blinds ‘front’
    Close office blinds ‘back’

Make sure …More>Settings>Google Assistant is enabled.
Then, add this flow “Blinds” to the favourite flows

In Ghome, create a routine with starter: voice command “blinds”
As action, select “Adjust scenes”
Select “Flow Blinds”

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Okay thank you Peter!
So I would have to install some kind of detection in each room (ex. motion sensor) for this to work

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YW! Indeed, a motion sensor in both rooms tells the system in which room the blinds should be operated.

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