Homey (Early 2016) keeps showing the orange loading animation and is offline during that time

Since a couple of days my Homey seems to be busy, loading or rebooting (link to led ring meanings without any clear reason. This is happening 10+ times per hour. To try to fix this, I have removed the power cable, replaced the power cable and also did a reinstall using my saved data.
At this moment, I can’t use homey for anything since it is offline half the time.
I can’t find a reason for it, I don’t see any updates that might have triggered this so I am not sure what do next. Any ideas here?

I guess a full factory reset is an option, but as all of you are aware, that is quite painful to do with the loss of the devices and flows.

Did you replace the power unit as well (5V and 2A or more)?

When you have a recent backup, a factory reset and then a restore of the backup should bring Homey back in the state of what it was when the backup was made.
You can even restore a Homey to a brand new Homey that way. Flows, devices, everything should work.
Only community store apps, and apps installed by CLI have to be installed by yourself.

For now, I’d like to advice to start Homey in recovery and perform a ‘full software download’.
That can solve vague issues like your Homey show.

Unfortunately, a full factory reset and then installing the backup doesn’t work either.
Any other suggestions?

Sorry but I did not say that.
This was my advice:

Apologies, I didn’t read your message properly so it seems. How can I do a full software download though? Can I start that via desktop (browser) or better via phone?

Edit: I found it when I was doing the reset via the phone, then I got to pick more options than on browser so it seems. Thanks for the help, I will try this and let you know how this is going.

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It seems that this did the trick. Thank you @Peter_Kawa

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