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Homey connected to internet but installation wizard does not start


Can somebody please help English or in Dutch?

Homey connected to internet but installation wizard does not start…

What can i do?


It’s a bit vague to be able to assist you in general like this. Back when I originally installed my Homey I also had a lot of issues getting it to work. In the end it didn’t play nice with my own DNS-server. Do you have something special in your home network in regards to DNS (maybe a pihole or something?).

The Setup wizard at http://setup.athom.com guides you thru connecting your Homey to your WiFi.
If that is finished afaik there is no other installation wizard. just log on to https://my.athom.com/#/ and forget about the Desktop App. just use the Chrome browser and ignore the warning.!

Just Start exploring.

Thanks a lot!

The Homey is connected to the WIFI and I see the homey in my desktop app. Only now comes the following… I open the desktop app and need to select my account, it says Hello Roy! when i click on the homey it ask again to select an account. I select the same account and after this a pop up comes up and says unauthorized…

Any suggestions for this?

Yep. Forget the desktop app and use the Chrome browser like @Dijker mentioned.

same problem… :frowning:

Is it a new Homey?

Yes just received it…

When i do a reset it starts again with i am homey go to set… en then it stops talking

Plz be carefull with doin resets.

Looks like it is setup before, use the reset, use the Alt in step 4 and don’t connect an Athom account.
After that, start it again and connect WiFi and your account.

And it works! Thank you!

Now need to figure out how to communicate with Homey :slight_smile: