Homey Community App Store

Donation made. Thanks for all the work @DominicVonk

Hi the beta launch is postponed till next Sunday… I’ve a couple of authentication issues I hope to resolve today. After that we are able to start a small private beta testing this week. But the public beta is postponed till Next Sunday 20:00 GMT+2.

I hope you’ll understand.

The desktop installer is done. The web store is almost finished. The most work is in the Homey app itself.

I keep y’all posted!


Thanks for the update, @DominicVonk! Quality work takes time… :slight_smile:
Great how much time and effort you guys put in, thanks!


donation send :love_you_gesture:

Donation sent, looking forward to the new community store.

Hi all

Whatever i do ( mac / iphone ) i only get the below in the screenshot. Tried safari and chrome but all i see is this .

I’m trying to connect my Homey to your service, but I cannot finish the registration of my device.

Could you help me to see why?

wait for this: The most work is in the Homey app itself. I keep y’all posted!


Are there any updates? With 5e migration to the Homey 2023 I am waiting for the HCS :slight_smile:

I see the community store site is loading without any content, but that was always quite problematic.

There should be a solution by the end of August. Be patient a little longer.

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Hope the solution is near … can’t wait to use the panasonic airco again as the original developer has stopped. Kudos for the community store


@Jeroen_Hus It’s also possible to install with the CLI.

Dont know what i do wrong but nothing helps to install a simple app

Regards, Jeroen Hus

Hi Jeroen,

I think you’d like to install this Panasonic comfort cloud app:

Direct download link:

You can install it using the CLI (command line interface) method;

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Hi everyone,

I’m still working on the HCS project. It will be deployed soon… Just to keep you posted!



I can’t login in the HCS
so i need to past a code to login but than i get the error “Client credentials are invalid”
What can i do?

Wait for Dominique to post news about the new HCS being ready for testing? :wink:
And read his post above yours f.i. :blush:


Any news or update on the HCS ?


Hi, I am not able to login to community app store. After I copied in the authorisation code it says: “Could not automatically log you in.” and then I am directed back to loging in. Its a loop.

I can see that others have had the same issue, but I can not figure out how others solved it. I have tried rebooting eveything, used another browser, reinstalled homey again from a backup. Nothing helps :frowning:

Can you please help? Thanks!

The same applies to your post, that several posts that came just before you when the community app store went offline, as long as the new one isn’t online yet, it won’t work.