Homey Community App Store

Donated, thanks for doing this. Missing a few apps since Homey 2023 and no HCS.

Donated :v:

How long until we can expect some progress? Thank you!


Great news Dominic.
Noob question: I wonder why there should be a web store next to the in-app store.
Or is the in-app store just an interface to the web store?

The in-app store has to get the apps from somewhere.

Makes sense. I just think is a user website still needed in that case? Won’t some kind of server storage do when one can install/update from the in-app store?

Actually the web app will make sure functions like auto update also work, the web store and app store will be finalized at the same time. I’ve setup authentik for the user authentication.

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This Wednesday evening (20:00 GMT+2), I will have a presentation of the current progress, and I will also present a timeline for the release. You can join us at the Homey Community Space Discord.


You can also follow our progress on our github:


Donation sent, hopefully even some next years of hosting will be covered (by more and more people joining!)

@DominicVonk , existing apps will be automigrated and the old HCS will redirect to the new one ?
Existing HCS app I assume would have to be reinstalled from new source ?

Thank you for all your efforts !

We will be introducing a new desktop installer which will install the Homey Community Space app.

The older apps will still be available and can be claimed by their respective creators.

Thank you for your donation.


Just make the installer 1 euro (per year). I’m pretty sure that it would cover the hosting expenses per year easily.

Donation send my friend!

Donation send! thanks for all the work!

I have problems getting HCS to install on HP 2023.

When i press log in bij athom i get a popup to allow homy to access data and allow it.
The i get an error that it could not login automaticly with a code.
I copy this code and go back to the HCS store an paste in the field below the login bij athom button and press ‘verstuur’.

I then receive an error:
Client credentials are invalid…

I tried several time, used 2 different browsers (chrome + firefox) but i keep getting the same problem.
Also downloaded the windows installer and ran it…

What am i doing wrong here?

What you are doing wrong, is, not reading where this topic is about.

thank you for your reply.

But maybe a tip to just mention it also in topic start itself that it is not working at the moment (or maybe better even in the HCS store itself).

Between the 355 topics i could not find this info easily, often it is not clearly mentioned or simply over read because too much topics/questions and other questions…

Maybe a very simple solution:
on HCS website (and in start topic) place message that HCS is not working at the moment and that it is hopefully fixed soon…

Hi All,

Can’t get the store installed on Homey. Did an installation in the past, might have removed it from Homey, but trying to install again ends in error.

I can’t get past the authentication part on cli.athom.com. Followed all the hints on the logging out part, but it doesn’t help.

Error i’m getting:

Tried so far:
logoff (both homey’s) from cli (homey lougout)
and Reboot homey (1 active) serveral times
Login from the CLI works (with cli.athom.com) only the “Homey CLI Old” is Homey CLI (first image)

What you did not try so far:
Read the posts above… :wink:



Did that earlier, but didn’t make the connection to my problem.

Made a donation for hosting, hope it can be fixed, some good functionality will be lost otherwise.

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Hi, a small update.

Yesterday I announced the beta phase for the app store will be from 16th of July till 30th of July.

The public release is planned for 1st of August.

Please join the beta by joining the beta channel in Discord.