Homey Community App Store

Ahh, thanks - I had not made that connection :roll_eyes:

Any news @DominicVonk?
Hope you are well and are making progress in creating a new HCS.
Thanks for all that effort! :+1:t2::smiley:

Sadly, there have been no updates on GitHub since the 8th of September.

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Seems there is some update on Discord…

Hi everyone, I found the issue with the token. Now looking for the solution, I have the access tokens, but they also want a session id, I’m looking how I can grab this.

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Hopefully it will be up and running soon, never played with HCS but looks like there are some apps i would like to start using.
Thanks for all the effort being put into the app!

Following this, same problem here.

Following… because… dayum…

the first version of the new homey community store is published, and testable

Not all aps are uploaded yet.
Check out Discord for latest info - Discord

Well done @DominicVonk :+1:


Ok, I don’t want to be a party-pooper here. Feel free to install and use this app but this app, just like the previous community store, is abusing our Client ID en secrets of the Homey CLI. We can not prevent this but the app is already causing problems with rate limits (which we imposed because of the previous misbehaving version of the community store). So please be aware that we can not give support when we see that you have this app installed.

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Like ANY kind of support or specific issues caused by rate limits - if so, which one ?

@DominicVonk , are you aware of this and can you prevent that ?

Or you could have just given me my own tokens like I asked to years ago. This is very trivial and if Athom truly wanted to help and support the HCS as they claimed, they would have done this.


Hi I’m aware of this issue a fix for this will be deployed this evening


Who is “we”, looks your talking for Athom, why not say so???


He is the lead developer @Athom

All the rate limit issues are resolved (this message of @meerlol was about the rate limit issues). But all problems are resolved! In the v0.1.0 of the app


The app and site work great! Thanks to all who contributed!

A request for further down the line perhaps:
I still use the old HCS app on Homey for checking which apps have auto update enabled. Especially now Athom still hasn’t fixed the bug that auto-update is enabled after each update of the specific app.

Would it be possible to have this feature in the new app as well?
perhaps now with a THEN flowcard to disable all auto-update toggles?

That was a cool fuction indeed.
But I’ve also a script for that, might come in handy:

// Get list of apps with Auto-Update enabled
let myAppUpdateEnabledArr = await Homey.apps.getApps().then(f => Object.values(f).reduce((r,b)=>Object.assign(r, b.autoupdate ? {[b.name]:b.autoupdate} : '' ), {}));

let myAppUpdateEnabled = JSON.stringify(myAppUpdateEnabledArr, null, 2);
  //console.log ('Apps with updates enabled:' , myAppUpdateEnabled); 

  // Write to timeline
        uri: 'homey:manager:notifications',
        id: 'create_notification',
        args: {
          text: 'All Apps with auto-Update enabled: ' + myAppUpdateEnabled + ' \nGenerated by script: ListAppsWithUpdatesEnabled.js '

You can use it for instance in a flow using Homeyscript cards.

Thanks @Peter_Kawa, very usefull!

Would it be possible to disable the auto update settings too?
I never want to auto update my apps, without checking the changelog before…

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Whoop! Was very excited to try this for the Nest app. However I can’t seem to get anything to install. The app crashes when an install is attempted (the community store app installs fine, but any app such as nest or webos installed with it, causes the community store app to crash).

Are others using it OK?

Works fine on Pro 2019… Are you on a Pro 2023?