Homey cloud - Flows does not run automatically

I use Homey Cloud in combination with Homey Bridge. Turning my heating on and off from the app works fine, proving that there is no problem to reach the Bridge.

My problem is that my flows does not start automatically at all. The test button triggers on/off and push the correct message, but nothing happens when the set time (I.e 16:00) comes.

What makes this even more weird is that identical flows in another home works without any problems.

Is there a setting I have missed? (A hidden “turn of all flows”) or I s this a bug in the cloud service? Please help.


and your Time-setting/Location-setting in your Phone-app is OK?

Yes, the location and time in the app is correct

Please share your Flow and add Timeline notifications for Then and Else in it to show the trigger is working.

Your question about my phones location and time made me think…

I never allow any app track my phone so location is off. What the developer of the cloud service then have done is to place my Bridge in the middle of the ocean… in another time zone.

To fix the problem you need to go to settings/position and place the marker in the correct city.


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It’s indeed quite odd when a crucial part of a cloud device, your timezone, is treated as optional by the app.
While you can skip the location step if you like, only there is NO information presented about the impossibility to determine the timezone, and about the only way one can set it, is using the pointer on the map…

When one skips the location setting, the pointer indeed ends up in the middle of an ocean


Now one decides to skip this step (no worries!)


And there is the timezone:

I’ll inform Athom about this issue.

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