Problem with homey bridge flow

I have problems with some flows in Homey Bridge. The flows are running, because I see the notification I included on the timeline. The devices that should be switched however are not. Start condition is a time moment. Strange thing is that when I start the flow manually it works.
When I want to share the flow I get the following message:

I have this time triggered flow, it runs fine, and it can be shared w/o errors. BUT there’s no bridge attached to Homey cloud

What if you copy my flow (so the bridge isn’t needed), and do some tests?

I can tell you that this works, because I have some flows that do not use the bridge and they work without problems. Only the device control messages don’t work when the flow runs automatically.

Thanks for your reaction Peter. It looks like only local actions in the flow work such as notifications, but not the device control actions if the flow runs automatically.

Problem solved: deleted the flow and created it again. For some reason the old flow was corrupt without any signs.

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Ow, a corrupt flow is odd, but possible. I didn’t think of re-creating the flow from scratch.