Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey Pro Backups subscription)

Thx Dijker.

Just did a migration from old homey (early 2016) to homey pro.
And it was a very smooth process. Quite impressed to be fair.

I’m also one of those who have been highly critical of the missing backup feature until now. And I still think a free backup alternative to local storage should be available.
So I can understand the voices raising that view.

But on the other hand I feel that the homey subscription is very fairly priced. And I personally will be happy to pay 10 bucks a year for it. I would do that even though fee alternatives where available.

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OK after update to firmware 4 how can I do a backup?

Have you updated the mobile app? Go to More … Backup.
And start your monthly subscription or go to https://homey.app/en-us/account/subscriptions/ and get a year for 10 €.


Yes I have the last (android) application but I do not see backup

What version is for you the last version?

  1. update your App, Should be at least 4.0.1. (Could be above version is not yet public)
  2. log in with the owner account
  3. update Homey to 4.0.x
  4. get a subscription
  5. backup now

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Hi Dijker, with the latest public version. I do not get to see the backup option. I did purchase the homey+ subscription and I have updated homey to version 4.0.0 rc6
Can I get the apk somewhere of version 4 app?

What is the public version you get in the appstore? That should be at least version 4, the version that support backup.
Athom does not provide apk files, you could contact support if you can’t install the latest version.

In the appstore I can only see 3.2.0

This is the apple store, as you can see version 4.01

Ah yes, but I am talking about the Google play store

Ok, sorry, i just looked in the play store on my sons android phone and couldn’t find it too. Maybe it’s only available on newer android versions.

Guess you also need to join the beta program for that app on Android. As v4 is not yet in stable also the mobile app needs beta I guess .

I got a LG g6 with android 9

You mean in the play store? Three is no beta available or visible (early release)

Sorry, screenshot in German.

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Public (Non-Beta) on PlayStore 4.0.1 avaible since last Week. Also since Tonight 4.0.2. on PlayStore Germany and Switzerland. Beta of 4.x.x also since last Week.

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The answer is probably no, but does the 4.x firmware also include a ‘local backup’ functionality? (as in, a local config dump, which you can push back via the app/webinterface/cli/whatever if everything went belly-up)

Personally (not speaking for anyone else but myself :slight_smile:) I don’t care about the history/insights, only my settings/users/flows/apps/devices/etc/etc, which would probably be less than 1MB of compressed data I suppose?


As @robertklep wrote: No. There also no Informations that in near Future a local Backup would be avaible.