Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey Pro Backups subscription)

I do have android version 4.02.474, but Home is still at 3.2.1, so no backup yet?

Can I force homey to update to 4.0 firmware? I’m not in experimental, and would like to keep it that way.

Seems the version 4.0.0 is Stable as of now: (no more experimental)

Yeah, I also saw that.
Guess they are rolling it out in batches, so I’ll need a little patience as it has been released only today.

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Just bought the Homey Pro and initiated the migration of my “old” Homey backup.
Everything is running now for almost 20 to 30 minutes (green leds blinking).
In Homey setup still “waiting - even geduld” for the restore to be executed. Is it normal it takes this long?

Old homey disconnected
Initialisation Homey pro ok
update to 4.0.0 ok
choosing backup and restoring … ok, but still busy…

90 minutes, still busy…

was: Where to find new backup in app?

I’m trying to set up and subscribe to Homey + for backup in my app (Android) and cannot see it anywhere, even after upgrading to V4?

Any ideas anyone?

Use Seach:

thanks figured it out. What was not clear was that the phone app needs updating first, not just Homey itself.

Now appears in app as an option

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Wouldn’t it be nice if they communicated this in the first place… When launching this

As of today (2020-02-18) the stable version is released:

Yes Jan, this info was clear (but for some it may seem or be incomplete)
Also Homey firmware needed an update (in my case anyway) to 4.0.0
It became clear that the app needed an update to 4.0.2 after finding this post from MBSHomey.
Even though auto-update was enabled everywhere, nothing seemed to be up-to-date.
I was not an avid (older model) Homey user, but now with this feature everything will change!!
Just need to spend more time in the Athom World to get the right feel (again)

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Now that Homey+ is available, is there a way to only use the backup feature and save it to a local resource?


Moved your post, local was already ~9 times mentioned in this topic…

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Even in the official blog post Athom is super vague about security:


“Backups are bound to the account of the owner”.

No mention of encryption, private keys, or anything like that… :frowning:

(mailing Support does not help; they reply a similar sentence and immediately close the ticket)

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Homey Pro was advertised being a non cloud based device. Priced at €399 it was quite an investment but there were no hidden costs or fees. Also, all it’s content was stored locally and Athom was a trustworthy company that highly respected user privacy. I was sold.

Damn… things do go real ugly real quick @ Athom. Not only do I now have to pay extra just to make a backup (this should be basic functionality!!), I also have to give up my privacy to get it. This is absolutely ridiculous. If I want to order the 12 months €10 deal what on earth do they need my home address for? It’s not that they’re going to send me anything.

So, one moment I’m a totally anonymous user waiting for backup functionality… next thing you know I’m kindly forced to get a paid cloud service, give them my name AND address and when I’m done with that I can start uploading my whole set-up, including the number and types of devices and how and when I use them, to Athom servers (most likely without encryption)?!? Really??

Bye bye privacy… WTF!!!


Just one remark: No backup, still local. So you don’t HAVE to do it. No one is forcing you. And if you are so paranoid about it, just don’t.
Really no need to swear whatsoever…

I really don’t understand why you are on the internet anyway if you want be be “totally anonymous”. You haven’t been that for a long time already…


Is there anyway to backup a Homey if you have more than 3 in your account. I only want to backup two of these? It always fails.

Hi @xAPPO,
I have 4 Homey’s but one is still on 1.5.3. :robot: guess that doesn’t count.

Have you checked https://homey.app/en-us/account/backups/ ?
Have there already Homey’s started creating backups?
If you remove backups you don’t want and disable automatic backups on that Homey I expect it should work.

Maybe you can test by transferring ownership of some Homey’s to a second account temporary. And remove unwanted backups!

Love the way you make assumptions… if you do not know or understand cloud computing I am afraid you are no eligible to complain… if Athom uses a large cloud provider (AWS/Azure) I guarantee you that your privacy is in better hands then when you or Athom would store anything… stop thinking of cloud as scary and insecure before you did your research.