Homey Bridge Not Useable In USA

Did I spend the money for this bridge to fund other things? I cannot use this bridge for anything I have as brands to control anything. If I want to add a device I have, USA wise, it says I need the PRO. I hate the idea of cloud so this is not what I am looking for. If I do add a device directly to the bridge it has minimal control. I think this is a device that is going to be a useful device in other places besides the USA, so I wish you luck.

The main purpose of the bridge is to connect devices using Zigbee and Zwave. It can also be useful for some BLE and IR devices. Everything else that is supported by Homey is done via the cloud so the bridge is not required.
The biggest problem is that community developed apps are not allowed so that limits the capabilities considerably. The second problem is that the bridge is not capable of local network connectivity except for it’s connection to the Homey server. Unfortunately those two limitations prevent a big percentage of devices that work on the Homey Pro from working on the Homey / bridge.
It’s not just that USA this applies to so don’t feel prejudiced by your location as everyone has the same experience.