Homey Bridge Mesh Question

Hi Guys!

I´ve been plaiyng around with the new Homey Bridge for two days now and try to understand what it does. From the developer tools page it seems like it does nothing. No of the devices connects to it. Even a roller shutter 1m away connects to the mother ship (Homey Pro 2023) in the basement, four walls and one floor away.
From my understanding all devices work in Mesh mode. So, why do my devices seem to ignore the Bridge even when it is as close as 1m to them and connect rather to the Homey Pro directly or in mesh mode through other devices.

Am I understanding the functionality of the Bridge wrong?

Here a screenshot showing that no of the devices connects to the Bridge.



Maybe because all your ZigBee devices were connected to Homey when you added the bridge. And when all the connections are good enough, there is for no reason for a ZigBee device to change the existing route and connect to the bridge.
When the number of transmission errors is getting to high, that will be a trigger to change the route.

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One Fibaro roller shutter was added when the bridge was already connected. The roller shutter was included being 1m away from the Bridge and 1 floor and four walls away from the Homey Pro but it only connects directly to the Homey Pro or to a wall plug in the bathroom but not to the Bridge.

Will observe it for another couple of days.