Mesh zwave

it seems to me to have a pb of mesh. I cannot connect my shutters equipped with fibaro roller shutter 3 which are at the other end of the house. I have installed neo coolcam sockets, aeotec range extender 7 repeater between the homey and my shutters to extend the network, but it does not work. the mesh always passes through the homey at the starting point, so what is not in contact with the homey is not visible. Do you know how to do it? thank you

Homey doesn’t support NWI (Network Wide Inclusion).
Sometimes inclusion works nonetheless further away (probably when there is a direct connection to Homey), but most of the time it doesn’t.

So Z-Wave devices should be included in close range to Homey.
Two possibilities:

  1. Remove the RS3, prepare an electrical cable, connect the RS3 to the electrical cable and include it in direct range to Homey.
  2. Switch off Homey, connect Homey to an extension cable or a power bank, bring Homey in direct range of the RS3, start inclusion.
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thanks for your answer, I will try asap.


I did it and it works perfectly. Thanks again for the advise.

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