Homey Bridge device status not updating?

Hi all,

So I just got my Bridge about a week ago and can’t figure out what the refresh intervals or triggers to refresh are for the status on my devices.

For example:
Samsung washing machine time left:
1 day ago

Refreshing the page does not refresh the stats, also resetting the bridge does not refresh the stats.
Any pointers would be appreciated.


Often the data from sensors is only updated when a value actually changes. This can be seen well with temperature sensors. They are not updated for hours when the temperature remains constant. As soon as you open the window, they update immediately.
However, I don’t know if this applies in your case.

I assume that “time left” means the time of the washing cycle, so if that hasn’t updated for one day that’s a long cycle :wink:

@Ferrywell your issue isn’t related to the Bridge per se because it doesn’t handle the communication with your devices, that’s all done in the cloud.

That sounds logical, especially with sensor data.
It would be very wasteful to refresh the data if nothing is changing.

With the washing machine its a bit different because I would really like to know when it finishes :slight_smile:

You have no idea how clean my shirts are right now :slight_smile:
So what you are trying to say is that I should check if the Smart Things app is refreshing?
I tried to find some kind of setting for refresh frequency in the Smart Things app but no luck.

It obviously isn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have this problem :wink: Do you perhaps have an official Samsung app on your phone to check if the issue is with Homey or with the Samsung cloud?

I think the Homey app might be stuck, or at least not receiving updates.