Homey bridge connection problem

Hi, i am unable to connect my homey bridge.
I have downloaded the Homey app, and connected the bridge to power.
When i try to add new unit, it suggests the homey bridge because it can detect it.
Then after a while i get a message that: a problem occured when trying to add… 404

I have tried on three different networks with same result. Deactivated 5ghz and n.

No change.

Anyone know how i can solve it?

I can add that i have a similar problem when trying to add Aqara hub (error 74)

A 404 error suggests something in the cloud that’s not working.

Also, what do you mean by “trying to add an Aqara hub”? Add it to what? AFAIK Homey Cloud doesn’t support the hub.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Regarding the Aqara, i mean when i try to connect it to the wifi. Has nothing to do with homey, but the problem seemed similar.

How can i search for problems in the cloud?

Don’t bother trying to solve cloud issues if your local network doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps you’re using antivirus software, or an ad blocker, or something like PiHole or AdGuard that might be causing your issues?

The local network seems to be working perfectly for all other purposes than adding these two hubs (homey bridge and Aqara).

I have several mill devices and just connected a sensibo control unit for ac that is working fine.

No ad-blocker or other things that i know of activated :persevere:

Now the app says couldnt connect code -5000

Again, this sounds like a local issue. Can you connect to, and log in at, https://my.homey.app/ ?

Yes i can log in to the website version. And i see that the home and room where i try to add the homey bridge is established.

I guess its is local problem then…

Strange that its the same problem on three different networks (at home, on my work and on my cabin).

It wasn’t clear that you meant three different locations, I thought you meant three different (local) WiFi networks. Do you also have the same issue with the Aqara hub at the three different locations?

Only tested the Aqara hub on one of them (cabin)

I also did not manage to connect a mill battery operated sensor to the same three networks - but i returned to seller because of this. Did not try with another type.

Are you using the same phone to try to add the devices to the network at each location?

Yes, always the same phone. I can try with my wifes phone later to see if it makes any difference.

Exactly the same happened with a different phone.

Am i misunderstanding something? I dont have homey pro and i dont have any other homey item other than the homey bridge.

I have a few zigbee items (aqara) and one zwave item (thermofloor thermostat) i want to control.

Perhaps you should post some screenshots of the exact errors that you get, hopefully they provide a clue why you can’t add the bridge to your account.

Strange. I posted a question on Slack, hopefully someone will know why this is happening.

For what it’s worth:

What if you dismiss the ‘found a bridge!’ screen, and try to add the bridge like suggested here (and turn on Bluetooth & enable Location permissions):

Same thing unfortunately. I see that the pulsing light shifts from blue to green when i click «connect homey bridge» before shifting back to blue before the message «an error occured…»

However, sometimes, when i dismiss the first popup of «homey bridge found» and rather try to add it with plus in top right corner, the light on homey does not change, and i get timeout.