Homey Bridge app concern

Being super happy with my own Homey Pro, I gave a Homey Bridge to a family member as a gift. I am sadly quite disappointed. I thought it would be able to run the same apps as before, since I had not read anything else (bad research on my part, lack of info on Bridge sale page).

The opposite is sadly the case: most apps are not compatible, e.g. Papertrails Log (essential), < group > (essential), IKEA Tradfri Gateway (essential), Countdown (essential). I have not gone through the whole catalog, just those that I needed to install first to get started.

My concern is: how will this affect the app community going forward? Is this just a temporary state of things? Will apps need to lose significant functionality to become Bridge compatible, or will Bridge allow more current apps to run? If apps are not compatible with Bridge, will they be updated and maintained going forwards? The the last question, I think they will!

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Thanks for that clarification. I misunderstood how Bridge works. I thought it would be like a virtual instance of Homey running on Athom’s server, where it could run apps like timers, logging etc. Now I understand that it has no such abilities, and can do very little of what Homey Pro can. Sharing Flows between Bridge and real Homey users, will be very limited, since it’s very unlikely a standalone Homey Flow will be able to run on the Bridge.


I feel the same way Karl. I watched the keynote and was left under the impression the bridge was a cloud alternative to the pro. Designed specifically for people to pay monthly instead of a large amount up front. First day I opened the bridge and it’s useless for me, none of the apps I need are installable on the bridge, only on the pro. It’s definitively not the experience sold by the keynote.

Thank you guys for bringing up this topic.
For users like me that are not very techy, would it be possible to elaborate a bit on " apps that provide support for local networked devices, or offer useful tools (timers, logging, database support, Homeyscript, Homekit, etc)". Are these apps that extent the feature set of homey (like time and date apps and other apps providing core features) or are these also apps that are to control devices?
Thank you ( and sorry if this has been discussed in other threads that i haven’t found).

Yes to both questions.

Homey Bridge cannot be used to control devices that require local network access to the device (in other words, WiFi or Ethernet-enabled devices that don’t use cloud services to be able to be controlled, or, technically, devices that can be controlled through a cloud service or local access and for which an open source cloud service implementation doesn’t exist).