Ripped off

Im a the only one, that feeling ripped off? The New bridge is nothing worth… Useless without the pro bridge… I guess that the use of ir blast is fine… But, non of the apps Are for the bridge… Most is for pro. Ledvance etc… Why? What Are the use og the bridge, when nothing is avalible for it…

To be fair, you could try Homey for free and then you would know if you need the bridge for zwave, Zigbee, BLE, etc.
When you look at the price difference between a Homey Pro and a Homey account with a bridge it must have made you question the difference in abilities?

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There are quite a few topics her already,
Guess you missed them before purchasing?
Where have you orientated and Read before the decision to buy a Bridge?
(Maybe we or someone can learn from that!)

Also not to mention you can see it in the App store by applying the (Default) Filter for Homey what is available and what not. Homey

And because there arr quite a lot topics already,
see Search results for 'Bridge limited' - Homey Community Forum

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I feel that i am the only one who likes the bridge plus its cloud variant of the homey. Depends what you want to control. I have zigbee,z-wave,kaku and various cloud services like hue and switchbot with 80 flows and 50 devices running without any issues for some time now. Zigbee and hue zigbee next to each other and I even connected a home assistant and plex instance to it for the more exotic devices (but hass is less available then homey is)

Main brands and their apps i am using :

No forking 400 euros over for a pro
It only cost 70 euros for the bridge and few euros per month of which the first 3 are free.

Internet failure and scared of cloud? well, not me

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Well, homey cloud/bridge work ok for me aswell, but the flows does not run all the time they should, so thats a big drawback…

What type of flows? I do not experience that

I have several flows running from another flow everytime the power price changes (every hour), using the tibber app. All of the flows logs to the timeline, but it is only a few of the times all the subflows actually logs anything. Very hard to find out whats wrong, since there is no errors or anything

So maybe the hysteresis on the tibber service is too large, meaning that updates are only processed if the values changes a lot

no, because the main flow kicks off all the times. This is the one based on the tibber app. The subflows is started from the main flow. but not all of those flows run all the time