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Homey Bridge Antenna modification

as @Undertaker already posted I’m going to mod the bridge, as i would like to use it as BLE Beacon recon. So BLE cold be little be better in coverage and as the app not jet available in the beta, I was thinking on going for the mod first:
locating the screws

removing the sticker

there are 4 screws

the bridge open

6 IPEX sockets are prepared:
Con1: 2.4GHz Wifi / BT
Con2: 433MHz
Con3: 914MHz
Con4: 923MHz
Con5: 868MHz Z-Wave
Con6: 2.4GHz Zigbee

material ordered…


Very curious, love these hacks! So you’re gonna solder on some SMT antenna connectors? Are the solder points still available? Where will they go?

The locations are marked “CON?” on the PCB:



Welcome to the Community @Homeuse

Thanks for the info and pictures,
I think it deserves an own topic,

Although some information may be the same (Antenna info) both Products are so different I will split and rename both Topics.

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The new bridge will be an Eldorado for antenna mods. Why ?

There are so-called IPEX sockets on the circuit board of the bridge. They seem to be available for every radio standard. When a plug is connected to this socket, it automatically disconnects the internal antenna and routes the signal to an external antenna socket. Much stronger antennas can then be connected to these sockets. The puck also seems to have enough space to install these antenna sockets in the pane. The whole thing can be done without soldering.

IPEX socket

Layout of the sockets on the circuit board.

I am looking forward to the first reports as to how the range is in the original state. Otherwise I’ll probably slaughter a bridge and try the whole thing.


Hmmm, I’m betting that even when others share their experience you won’t be able to resist slaughtering one yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:




FYI, the uFL connectors are not soldered on production bridges. These are only placed for CE/FCC testing.


It’s a shame, then I’ll probably have to use the soldering iron.


Since there’s already some solder on it, that musn’t be too hard… :smiley: