Homey bridge 5 apps or devices?

Homey bridge being not so clear, i would like some more explanations :

I would like to add 3 eufy cameras, 2 Fibaro walli switch for 2 lights, and 3 roller shutter via RTS app.

My simple question is, will i need a subscription ?
Will homey bridge consider it is 3 apps, or will it consider it is 3+3+2= 8 devices ?


The eufy security app isn’t on the bridge available (yet?), so technically you only have 5 devices.
But it really is devices, not the amount of app(s).

Though for now you will have a premium subscription for free (unlimited* devices), until the beta run is over.

Count the tiles in Homey except the Homey Bridge.
The first 5 are free. The sixth and later locked when no subscription is active.

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Yes correct, not available. And not sure if it Will be. Still checking possibilities with Athom.

Any updates on the availability off eufy on Homey brigde?

@Leon_Van_der_Zanden unfortunately not.
Asking Eufy to open up their API is the best thing we can do at the moment…

Okay. Or wait for Matter on the bridge…?

Dont expect cameras to support matter soon

Homey Bridge will very likely never support Matter, hardware is too limited.

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We will see. There are some anouncements, like these: Which devices will work with Matter? What we know so far - CNET I see an expection on EVE Floodlight CAM.

You are right. Maybe on the 2023 pro?

Matter support will come to the new Homey Pro in Q2 2023 according to Athom. As to what extend, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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