Homey bridge 5 apps or devices?

Homey bridge being not so clear, i would like some more explanations :

I would like to add 3 eufy cameras, 2 Fibaro walli switch for 2 lights, and 3 roller shutter via RTS app.

My simple question is, will i need a subscription ?
Will homey bridge consider it is 3 apps, or will it consider it is 3+3+2= 8 devices ?


The eufy security app isn’t on the bridge available (yet?), so technically you only have 5 devices.
But it really is devices, not the amount of app(s).

Though for now you will have a premium subscription for free (unlimited* devices), until the beta run is over.

Count the tiles in Homey except the Homey Bridge.
The first 5 are free. The sixth and later locked when no subscription is active.

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Yes correct, not available. And not sure if it Will be. Still checking possibilities with Athom.