Surveillance camera?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I am looking for a good and cheap surveillance camera (indoors) that fits with the Homey Bridge. Can anyone recommend someone who fits? I’ve checked the apps, but bridge only seems to support more expensive models.


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Per, keep in mind Homey bridge cannot connect with devices via local networks. The wifi connection is for connecting with Homey cloud and 3rd party cloud services only (despite the marketing “it has zigbee, zwave, wifi, IR, blah”)

BTW I can´t find any cam app for the bridge?

Thank you so much for your reply Peter!

I apologize. My writing may not be the best. I’m just looking for a cheap camera I can use with the Homey bridge. So when I add it with a bridge compatible app, can create flows :blush: :grin:

Netatmo Welcome, but I guess this one is out of your price concept.

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I’ve been looking at the Ring (Official) or Ring (Unofficial) myself. They’re kind of affordable, especially concidering the price of the Homey itself.

That’s also an idea, as surveillance cam for Homey cloud
Your second option, Ring community app, isn’t available for Homey cloud

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