Homey backup, running out of backups

Yesterday I ran into an issue (other post) thet in the end made me decide to put back a backup.
It solved the issue :smiley: (so my contribution payed off)

BUT I did run into a weird issuee with the backups.
I wanted to put back my backup of 3 days agoo (i was sure the system was stable at the
At time)

It turned out thst backup was no longer available!
The last few days homey had been making multiple backups per day. So my 7 days were reduced to just 3 days backup and multiple options for yesterday.

That sucks! made a report to athom)
i decided to quickly remove several of yesterdays backups to at least make sure I would not loose the older ones.
It forced me to perform a backup sooner then I wanted (did not want to risk loosing my option to backup the 3 day old)

Luckily backup solved my issue (so it does not really suck that much :slight_smile:)
Screenshot just shows one (realised too late to make a screenshot) there where 2 more on 27 june

Seems a bit pointless to make three backups thát close together in time (also as an aside: every developer knows to not schedule automatic stuff between 2 and 3am lest you want to either miss an action ór get a duplicate when daylight savings time changes :joy:)

Didn’T even see that one… but true

It had 2 more close to that time. (I deleted them before realizing to make a screenshot)
Its reported to athom…
No idea what would triggger these extra backups.

Since we have only 7, these extra backups caused losing 4 days of history backups…

Reminder for all users that put back a backup:
If you have virtual devices or variables that keep track of a status, make sure to set them to the correct status after your backup.
My backup (2:58->at night) contained the virtual device “its dark” (and some others)
After putting back that backup during the day it caused some puzzling behaviour of my lights and the alarm.
Thought the restore had gone wrong.

Luckily I have papertrails always on, which pit me back on track pretty quick

So, after rolling back u have to set all variables again?

Yes, but thats understandable.
How can homey know…

Backup was made at night. When I go to bed I turn the alarm on. So virtual device was set to: “Alarm on”.
When I restored it at 14:00, my alarm was off.
Homey restored it setting the status back to “alarm on”. Its not possible for homey to recover that.

But it did result in some unexpected sounds at 1st motion detection…

The status “its dark” would have recovered itself after some time.
Its set by lux measurement. But still, that flow is triggered by lux change, so it does take some time.

It is a really important information, that something could go wrong with the Backup. :+1:

Could you show me an example how you use papertrails to document the processes meaningfully. I know how papertrails works and can be used, I use it already for some things, but i just do not have a useful system.

My ssytem is pretty simple

  1. Every Then section contains a papertrails card. The text on that card is : then - /name of the flow/
  2. If i have a long timer in that section. I add a second card with a delay the same as the timer. Same text but with a timer addition
  3. If I have an else I add a card there with else - /name of the flow/
    In some case I add tags to the card too. For example if I have a AND that compares temp, I add both temp tags
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Okay, thanks for the info. I’m gonna try it out.
Because it bugs me that you can’t track which flows have been running at what time.

There used to be an option to automatically add these cards.
But athomdid not allow that anymore

Dont know if it came back/ will come back
@Dijker any change this will come back? Or a workaround to simplify?

Where are my backups?

If I go to https://homey.app/nl-nl/account/backups/ all I see is:

That scares me a bit …

Ask Athom.

You can do that via support@athom.com

It is up again. Athom just wanted to scare me…