Homey app MacOS 14.4.1

The Homey app for Mac is not working at all. Firstly it is not possible to login in an existing Homey installation??? I tried setting up a new account which failed completely! The app accepts userid/password and then hangs asking for newsletter subscription… I am using latest versions of MacOS and Homey app. MacOS 14.4.1 is running on MacBook Air with M1 processor. What is strategy of Homey on MacOS???
Regards, Thon

There never was one, the app that runs on macOS is the iPad app (which is working fine for me, but I already had it running before the latest updates).

You can also just install the web version as a PWA through Safari which looks and feels pretty much like an app and shows up in the dock.

Hi Staeff, thx for your reaction. I just wondered why the Mac App Store offered an Homey app which is not working on my MBA with M1 processor. Indeed Homey as a PWA looks fine. Regards, Thon

The iPad app (which is the one that gets offered by the Mac app store) works just fine on my M1 Mac Mini.

Why are you creating a new account when you already have an existing Homey installation?

Hi, Robert. Well very simple, logging in into my existing account did not work at all! So I tried something different and tried “creating” my account again on the Mac which is not logical I admit. Still strange that this is also not working. Let’s ignore this app from the Mac app store anyway, PWA is working fine.

There is no official Homey App in the MacOS App Store available, as @robertklep already mentioned… :man_shrugging:t3:

But installed the iPad version on my MBP with M1 Pro and it works without any problems. Also the login with 2-FA works smooth.

Why don’t you use the Homey Web App?

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