No connection Webapp with Safari

I have always just had contact with the Homey Pro 2023 via the web app on my Mac via Safari, but suddenly it is offline all the time. Yesterday it still worked and now suddenly no longer?

If I try via Chrome, I do have a connection and if I connect on my iPad via Safari, it works too. In addition, the IOS apps also manage to connect to the Homey Pro.

Safari is not working. Of course history and cookies already thrown away, but still nothing. Just tried the developer tool, but it also doesn’t work via Safari and works well via Chrome.

Very strange all.

Pls notify Athom support:

Thanks Peter ga ik doen

Om onverklaarbare reden lukt het ineens weer wel.

Vreemd maar voorlopig weer gelukt.

I also used safari before. However, I have found that Chrome for mac works much better. Especially with the Homey plugin that you can download in Chrome.

I also experienced your problem in Chrome. Shutting down (chrome plugin) and restarting solved the problem for me.

Homey Plugin wist ik ff niet en ga ik proberen in Chrome.

Welke plugin dan? Kan hem helemaal niet vinden.

Als je in Chrome de webapp hebt geopend. Dan uiterst rechts in de adresbalk zie je als het goed is een puzzel stukje. Hier kan je op klikken en dan de plug-in installeren

Gevonden thanks

This is the English forum

Sorry, you’re right. I just saw all those Dutch names and you are quickly tempted to answer in Dutch and ask questions in Dutch.

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The web app in Chrome is indeed very cool and is already in use. Thanks for the tip.