No connection with mobile app (IOS) Homey Pro early 2023

I can connect to my homey with the web interface. When i try to connect to the homey pro early 2023 with the mobile app (IOS) it says no connection. I have restarted the homey. i have logged out from the mobile app. I have deleted the app from the mobile phone and installed it again. Not connection possible. When i try to install a new app via the web interface. The app says homey offline.
Software on homey 10.3.4

Did you check your router wether both share the same net, ip range, …?

Homey is connected direct with cable and with wifi. Both have same ip range. The homey is also not reachable from outside when i try to connected with the web app. Probably a firewall issue from ziggo. I have not changed anything on the network.