Homey 6.1.0 what is new?

I just get a message that there is an update to version 6.1.0
Is there any information about this update?


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Only issue for me is that post upgrade to 6.1.0 my new water meter i’m testing via HomeyDuino stopped working. The device is not updating the water meter and water flow anymore. Could it be related to item 1 on the change list?

I’m really happy with point number two, that was a big pain in the butt and very irritating.

Homey v6.1.0

  • [Flow] Add Flow card triggers “When capability becomes greater/less than…”
  • [Flow] Fixed a bug with a few built-in Flow cards that prevented the autocomplete to function
  • [Z-Wave] Fixes an issue that could cause problems with associations being set during pairing
  • [Core] Fixes handling a changed user’s name
  • [Logic] Changes rounding Logic variables from 0 to 2 decimals

I doubt it. It sounds more like the general “random stuff not working after an upgrade”. Try a PTP, or just wait a few hours to see if it gets picked up again.

Thanks @robertklep , the PTP was the first thing i tried to no avail.
So, now I just removed the device and re-installed, that did the trick.

It looks like the current Github version is the most recent one. If the apps does any logging, you may get a clue why it’s not working by running the app from the CLI.

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