Homey 2.0 Heating Scheduler and Alarm/Security functions

I’m on Day 10 of Homey - so still learning…

Is there way to change The Temperature values of the default temps - ie can I redefine what Night is (for us it is 17c) Economy etc?

Can you use non Z-Wave Temp Sensors - I use a lot of Hue Motion Sensors which I have found to be reliable?

How is the actual boiler turned on?

What specifically calls for Demand - does it set a variable Heating_Demand=yes or does it specifically call a z-wave boiler controller?

I have a bunch of Spirit TRVs, using remote Secure RT321 Thermostat (Through associations 1:1) then a Secure/Horstmann Dual Channel boiler controller.

Hi any chance you can share your logic? I use Markus’ app for electric underfloor heating, but still haven’t found a solution for central heating that needs a signal to the boiler or for zone valves. I’m thinking maybe you have already solved the logic part?

Hi @K_S,

I can share my logic, but it is not so complex, as you might expect. There are boolean flags Heating needed in room (I have 3 rooms) created that I check on every Temperature change event.
Here is one of the 3 flows:
Every minute I check those 3 flags
If at least one of the flags is true, I set the central flag Heating needed
Based on this flag the central heating (Fibaro switch called Heater in Living room) is switched on or off.
Markus’ Heating scheduler is used just to control plans and Popp valves.
I don’t know whether it is helpful for you.


Hello Zdenko,

Thanks for sharing your flow. I have made a copy and everything works except 1 part

For some reason the flag is not being set. It doesnt set it to True or False. Only when I manualy change the Variable to True it works.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

It turns out that the flow does work. Only issue is that you cant test it as testing results seems like it doesn’t work

Hi Ronald,
so does it work, now ?
The only idea that came to my mind was to check whether compared Temperatures are the right ones.
But, it is true, the testing of the flow via mobile application is a bit weird. You can better test it on PC via web interface, where you can adjust the compared Temperature to be able to see both paths for setting flags.

You can see here the results for false path (no need to heat).

Hi Zdenko,

Thanks for asking. Yes it does work . And I tried testing on the PC, but there it doesnt work well either. If you run a test twice you dont see a result. I spoke with Homey helpdesk and they say it is a bug.

But it does work as I can see the Heating required flag is set.

Thanks and Regards