Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]

With a bad update?

I did the update, everything went well and it seemed to work.

After a couple of minutes I noticed that Philips hue did not work with homey.

Did a soft restart, but now homey is not reachable and gives a red ring.

Doing a PTP now.

Edit: after the PTP it is back online.

Where have you found that information?

I mean, about the flowmy part?

I must say, the new app looks very slick. Although it is clearly not finished, i love it!

Found a bug: if I chat: echo hello (with the Simon says app), it answers hello there instead of repeating me.

The fibaro if cards are not yet complete:

And I miss the option to view flows from a device I opened.

On their github page

I also read somewhere that Athom is blocking their submission towards it being a hosted app (at least up until 2.0 is officially out) but I can’t remember where I read that. But if enough people start complaining, or maybe someone should create a poll on this subject, then maybe the people at Athom will start using their brains on this subject.


Not sure if this is a specific 2.0 solution, but I couldn’t get it to work on 1.5.13. It looks promising, but since no new commits have been pushed for over 6 months I highly doubt this project is still alive.

But if such a (working) tool would be available the decision to upgrade to 2.0 would be a lot easier.

Good find though :slight_smile:

The project was stopped for a very good (a lot of extra work) reason.

The web api back then was very out of date as what is now in homey v2 (and is still changing), if he would have continued, he would have done 50% (if not more) of the work for nothing as he would have needed to rewrite it.

But as you can see already, it is possible for the community to build such an interface.

Athom won’t change their view, how much you try to hussle and complain. (no even not with a poll)
It really will be up to the community to build a web interface.

I like the new app well but without the web interface is missing the fun when creating the flows.
For me the shutter goes wrong after the updates. On is now closed and closed is off (Zwave Me Rollo Shutter).


After updating to V2 I enabled the Homekit experiment and added Homey to my Homekit. I found that it just added the hub and nothing else.

This morning, when I changed my status to away in the Homy app, I heard a ping from my iPad running Homekit and it showed a notification that I had left home. Upon investigation I found that Homekit had discovered my tado devices on Homey (which unfortunately is not working properly on Homey). None of my other devices (z-wave lights, blinds, sensors,etc) have been found though. I’m not sure if that’s as far as the support goes or if there’s a bug but I will report it to Athom.
Any way, I have seen a few people asking about the new Homekit integration so thought I would pass on what I have discovered.

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Guys, Girls,
I am going to draw a Line here,
This is again becoming an endless discussion between proponents and opponents of the Mobile First choice of Athom.

For who this is new:

It must be encouraging for Athom to see that so many Homey’s are committed to using Homey and want to have their best solution.

Despite that Athom has to make decisions and chooses to develop one Mobile App (for both iOS and Android) and stop developing the Desktop/Web interface.

Athom opens up the possibility (API interfaces) to give others the option develop own Apps, Web interfaces and integrations.
These APIs are still under development but this options will probably be available to developers soon! (As many things have been changed during development)

This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not (all) be read by Athom.
If you disagree please send your disappointments to Athom (support) as a continuous discussion here will not help.

If you want to discuss the missing of the Web UI and the Mobile First decision with others here on the Community Forum there is now a Discussion topic about that here:

I (and other Moderators) will move all your Posts/Reply’s about missing the Desktop/Web Interface and the decision Mobile First to that topic to keep this discussion clean about the Homey v2.0.0 Experimental Firmware and the corresponding Mobile App. (also from above here !)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ This is the line ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Back to the Topic: Homey v2.0 Firmware and the new Mobile App
and please: Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree and have Phun!


Is insight missing or I just can’t find it? Something that is just missing for the moment but it should come back… how would I otherwise see the history of temperatures etc.?

Compared to Homey v1.5, this update has a few limitations:

— Geofencing is disabled
— Insights is disabled

Thanks… I should have seen that :slight_smile:
But it should come back right when they call it a limitation… Hopefully soon.

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Has the roll out been suspended? Since the announcement, I havent yet been able to upgrade to 2.0. I am still on 1.5.13

@KonradWalsh specially for you: https://firmware.athom.com/

@JPe4619 Thanks… but I know this… I am watching the firmware page constantly… but in Homey > Settings > Updates, it says there are no updates…
I have tried multiple reboots…
and yes, I am on Experimental

Experimental updates

Enable experimental updates to help test new versions of Homey before they are released to everyone.
These updates might be unstable, and after enabling you cannot revert without doing a factory reset.

Experimental updates are enabled

@KonradWalsh you need to sign up for the Testflight (Apple) and/or install the new mobile app, then from the app you can update to 2.0

So far so good, but you have to install the new Homey App on your mobile-phone and after opening this app, you can upgrade Homey from this app. Be shure, you want this, you can’t go back.
edit: sorry duplicatet Jorden’s comment.

Ah… that was it… I thought cause I had the Homey Preview App it was the same thing as the new one…


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Does anyone know if IR is still supported on Homey 2.0? I cannot find any way to learn a IR code

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