Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]

Exactly like on the old version, add device, Homey, IR… search the db or learn a remote from copying.

is the server down again, I cant cant connect to my Homey

No problems here…

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sorted… had a network change at home apparently… thanks for the quick response

Yes, just the same happened for me. Did also choose to change from sunset and dawn to spesific time triggers! Does anyone know if it is possible to change from am/pm to 24 hours clock?

Im having problems with Homeys Time/date and sun events. Flows with trigger sun events does not run.
Anyone else with this issue?

When is Geofencing Engaged?

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I had the same problem. I Think i solved it by redo all flows having to do with sun events. I couldn’t change them, only got error when trying to change so I deleted them and made new ones.

Will have to see in a few hours if they work now

Geofencing is very important for home automation.
Many of my flows use this, hopefully will it be available again soon.


Unfortunately, I can not start the rc 3 update. the update process does not start and home crashes

same problem here

The same here

After the 3rd attempt, the update run. Then red ring. cold start, it works.

Running rc3 and latest apps for sonos and Aeotec in Australia but can’t add SmartSwitch6 or play, 1,5& Beam

Is this an RC issue or an App issue?

Geofencing now in the new app. Go to settings, Privacy to turn it on.

I got my smartswitch 6 to pair correctly, its functioning well too. Took a couple of tries to get it to pair, it needed to be practically on top of homey for it to pair. I did a secure include (push pair button 2x rapidly). Added mine on rc2, but it’s still OK on rc3 for me

Thanks, it had been working on 1.15.13, will persist

Geofencing working for me

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Working now , as you say “very close” was required

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User accounts

  • are there plans to have user levels, as i dont really want flatmates having full access to everything, ideally i just want to assign them access / control to common areas and their own room
  • this is more important now as everything is driven and setup through the app, so if someone has access to the app they can “play” with anything.
  • this would be a big problem from my point of view, and another major change in functionality and design, getting further away from the features and reasons i brought a Homey only about a month ago.

Customizable UI or ability to skin

  • is this on a road map?
  • that is one function I would really appreciate, as my UI requirements are often, special…



Favoriete apparaten en flows is al per gebruiker in te stellen en ook de rechten van een gebruiker tov een beheerder zijn al enigszins afwijkend.