Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]

It was enebled before the update to 2.0

Does anyone know what the new version will bring wrt dashboards and insights?

Homey is now responsive from both WiFi and outside home (4G).
However, it seems that it is not register the status of a device when it has been turned on or off without using the Homey app.
For example: I turn my hue lamp on using the power switch, Homey 1.5X would register that and be able to turn it off after 300 seconds (with a flow using countdown).

All of the devices that can be turned on or off without using the Homey app show this behavior.
Ubiquity WiFi Clients
TV (via Harmony)
Bose Speaker

Anyone else see this behavior?

I’ve reported this already to Athom via the issue page

First of all i’m very pleased with the general look and feel of the new app.

Negative / missing

  • I definitly miss the desktop / web version of the app which made creating flows / adding devices way clearer because of a larger screen, and having a complete flow on one screen.
  • Flows in app are not clear (to compact).
  • The Ledring screensaver app does not work anymore.
  • Temperatures are not shown on temperature devices cards in devices overview. (while the thermosmart card does show a set temperature, meaning, this is possible).
  • Dim lvl does not show on the “light” card in devices, and would be handy for quicker overview. (Colour is visible, why not also show the %).
  • Tablet mode (app is not rotatable)
  • I See the different users in top of the app, but need to click them to see/change there status. Why not show the status of the users (mabey in two coloured bulbs or something). This adds to the general overview of whats going on in/around your house.


  • Love the general look and feel of the app, the look and feel feels quite natural, which is a great improvement to the previous app, which felt more like:“oh, damn, we have forgot to create an app! (creates a app on a rainy sunday).”
  • Virtual devices, i allready use three of those, super handy, good job!
  • Status icon in the bottom corner of the app, simple way of saying your home / sleeping. Love it.
  • Own variables (homey native).
  • Homey seems to consume way less resources, which (i think) makes homey’s voice studder less.
  • The added time line in which the latest events are shown.
  • i’ve spent the last 3 weeks communicating with the Homey support because with the last stable my homey seemed broken, but after updating to V2.0 everything works again, i havent had time to investigate. But i’m very happy about this!


  • I still miss some kind of dashboard, the devices screen is a good start. Because it gives mee a quick overview of whats going on in my house. but i would like to add my camera streams, maybee some local news, and maybe some family foto’s (For the wife acceptance factor offcourse :wink: ) so i can use a tables as control unit.
  • Time line, it would be nice if it is configurable what homey shows here, for example, i’m not very interested in when a app updated to … version. But AM interested when homey has updated, when someone comes home, or when a certain variable has changed.

If i run in to some other conclusions somewere this week, i’ll try to write them down.

For now, my overal opinion is very positive.


Insights is planned as mentioned in the Blog or Beta-Version Notes in TestFlight; Dashboard Dunno

What used to be an notification in the desktop app is now shown at the timeline of the new app.
You could disable some notifications in the settings of the new app.
Go to: More (three dots at the bottom) → Settings → Notifications.
You could disable ‘Updates’ there.

Thanks for the tip,

But that is not completly what i meant to say. I would like to have the notification part even more configurable. For example: Only have notifications for a certain app. Or, notifications for a certain person. Also i would like to be albe to show custom messages here for when a variable changes, this can give me valuable information :slight_smile:

hi, any one with v2.0 that have a flow which using Date&time /eg sunset) as a trigger for turning on/off windowlights etc? My flow do not work anymore after the upate. But also created a new flow with a time trigger, eg turn on lights at 15:00 .

Any one that have the same problem?

Hi perran, on my side this one works like a charm.

Using the “build-in” sunset timers though… which in some occasions seem to fire too quickly (matter of taste I guess)…


Agree. A web-app is a minimum requirement.

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Just in case someone else faces this issue:
The solution is simple: Of course in Dev WebApp the Option „allow experimental updates“ has to be checked. :see_no_evil:
Then it works…

For me the experience is surprisingly good! (Mobile only) But it does help a lot that I also have NOX running (Android 7) and use it on my Desktop. Currently NOX does not allow Android 7 to run on Mac. But for windows this works perfect!

Landscape mode is still to be developed but will come in the future :slight_smile:

Try the new app, you will learn the new handy things it brings and you will have to let go of current habits. You will see that it’s not as bad as you would first think. At least that was the case for me.
But, I always think in solutions, not problems :slight_smile:


Yes. Use the beta app. It is writen for v2.

Out of curiosity. Does the v2 app/firmware work ‘offline’? Offline as in, only locally in your own network or does it NEED a working internet connection and Athom’s services to be online for you to be able to manage your Homey sphere.

(the current stable webinterface allows you to connect directly to Homey’s IP address)

I can’t even see a reason why I would need an app at all (Push messages and geofencing via IfTTT) A properly functioning web interface (for both desktop and mobile) is far better in my view (plus it’s more platform independent - Now only iOS and Android are supported. There are other mobile platforms out there, though in far smaller amounts of course).

I’m happy though that the people behind HomeyDash are also working on a web interface to manage flows (Flowmey or something)


Hi. In 2.0 in the app, Homey is showing wrong location. It´s a totally diferrent city. And when I try to zoom out it zooms in even more than it was before. Is it known?

Can the new 2.0 App use the native iPad screen size?

Oh sh*t, Athom support just send me email. They said something go wrong in update and I have to reset my Homey to factory settings.

I have almost 50 devices, some of those inside walls and lots of flows what control all my house. I lose all those?

With a factory reset yes!

In the last step you can choose to keep your settings. Worked for me!