Homematic ip swdo

Hi. I’d like to connect a homematic ip swdo device to homey. I don’t know how to write in the right canal to reach Timo Wendt. It seems complicate. I don’t know what a ccu3 is. Or raspberry matic. Do i need a bridge / box? Or can I connect it directly to homey? Is there a tutorial or guide? Thank you.

CCU3 (Link is only in German language available, sorry) or RaspberryMatic (it’s a Raspberry Pi 3B with an extra Homematic module) are Homematic Bridges. You will need one of these two bridges or a CCU2 (old version) to connect the actually supported Homematic devices to Homey. So it’s not possible to connect the door-/window sensor with Homey without one of these bridges.

Btw, this is the official Homematic thread.

Hi and thank you for your answer. I will think about buying the ccu3. I saw the thread, thanks, but i cannot write a new topic. I don’t understand much how it works here. But I’m happy I got an answer. It’s helpful.