Cannot connect homematic HMIP-SWDO within homematic app

I have installed the homematic app by Timo Wendt but I am not able to connect the homematic window sensor HMIP-SWDO. But it is listet in that app! I have spent more than 300 Euros in those devices :frowning: Can somebody help me please :-((

You have to be a bit more elaborate if you expect help. For instance, I understand that to add these devices to Homey, you need a separate controller device (CCU), and that there are several types of those.

So what exactly is your setup, what are you trying to do, how is it not working (errors? timeouts?), etc.

Hello Robert, thank you first of all for responding again! Well, there is that homematic app available in Homey app store. I have installed it and there is the window sensor HMIP-SWDO mentioned/listed in the list of available items. Therefore I have bought many of these devices and now the app doesn’t recognize them when I try to connect :frowning: I don’t know what else I can tell about that problem. Regards Claus

Like I said, it looks like you need a separate controller device (called CCU) if you want to connect these devices to Homey. So do you have such a CCU device? If so, which specific type?

Robert is right. You definitely need a CCU2, CCU3 or a RasperyMatic (Raspberry Pi with Homematic modul):

@Bastel, have a look on There you you can get also the modules vor a Raspberry Pi, it’s the cheapest way. Or by a used CCU2/3.

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Ok, thank you. I did not know that. I am still quiet new here in Homey… had a simple Homewizard before… Anyway - I can not find any CCU device in the homematic app of Homey. So how do I connect this CCU with Homey (if I buy one)? And what is the technical difference between Raspberry, CCU2 and 3? A bit confusing for beginners :-/ But thank you very very much. I really appreciate your support!!!

The Homematic gateway (CCU2/3, RaspberryMatic) has to be connected to Homey first. The setup is done in the Homematic app under “Configure app”. How to configure the Homematic gateway can be found in the instructions on GitHub.

Click on Wiki, and more information will be shown.

I can’t say much about the differences between the gateways.
Here is a page with a comparison between CCU2 and CCU3…

…and of all systems:

There is a lot more information available on the Homematic-Inside page (you do speak German… :wink:)

In the (German) forum area there are other users who can help with the setup, Timo, the developer of the app, also speaks German, which might make things easier.

Thank you so much!!! Yeah, German. Hope nevertheless it is readable what I am trying to tell here. But your answers tell me that…

Yes, it is understandable. But I am not always quite sure if it is understandable what I write in English… :wink:

Ok, thank you all for your advices. I will most likely buy this CCU2. I only need it for window opening sensors and maybe one or two move detectors. This due to the fact that I use mainly the Homey multi device system. It is a pain in the … that Homey and Homewizard are still not enough. I almost don’t know anymore where to put all these Interfaces in my house (Arlo, Tado, Alexa, Homey, Grohe etc etc.)… But well, let’s go for it. All the best. until my next stupid question, Claus

I can understand your frustration. My goal is also to use as few additional bridges/gateways as possible.
With Homey this is definitely possible. You just have to look in the app store which devices are directly supported with Homey (e.g. Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wifi devices) and build your smart house based on this selection.
I think Tado is very good, I also had once. But even such a system is replaceable by devices directly connected to Homey. For simple window and motion sensors you would not necessarily have to fall back on Homematic.

However, you have to inform about the possibilities, advantages, disadvantages and restrictions, preferably in advance. :wink:

I just have ordered the CCU2 now from elv via ebay (69,95 Euro) due to the fact that I already own 21 window sensors already now. Ok, I still could send them back but I need anyway a good range of the radio signal. 433 sensors don’t work at some far located windows. Hope it will be fine at the end… And who knows, maybe I will connect some other homematic devices in future as well. Thanks anyway!!! Very glad to get such a whole bunch of information of you guys !!!

You will probably not have any problems with the range of the CCU2.
And yes, Homematic offers some very interesting devices that you won’t find anywhere else. I’m pretty sure my CCU3 will be running for the upcoming years.

Hello guys: Final message in that matter: It works. I got all my window sensors connectet with the CCU2 :slight_smile: Thank you again for the advises!!!