Home Pro Early 2023 - frequent disconnections

I have a Homey Pro early 2023. I configured it and connected it to my router via WiFi, assigning it a fixed IP.
Homey Pro has been working smoothly except for a couple of crashes while adding new devices, but for the past two days it has been disconnecting so I have to turn it off, turn it back on to get it back up and running.

I fear greatly for the reliability of this product especially in conjunction with a multi-day absences from home.
In the meantime, I have ordered the network adapter to connect Homey Pro via RJ45 cable, although the Homey is located less than 50 cm from the router, but I have read that other users have encountered disconnection problems even in the presence of the adapter.

Incidentally as I am writing this message I have just discovered that my Homey Pro has disconnected again.

I kindly await any suggestions.

Thank you all

Search the forum.


There’s many many many many many topics about this bug and afaik there’s no fix available yet.

Some reported issues with such short distance. So move them away from eachother, or wait 'til your ethernet dongle is in place.