Home assistant shutters to homey


I am using Home Assistant to import devices from a F454 BTICINO OpenWenProtocol devices.
It s working good.
I also managed to import these LIGHT devices to HOMEY thankts to the Home Assistant App(store community) from @rogro82

Problem is with the shutters, it seems they are not importable to Homey (only lights, switches, compounds, sensors, scripts, scenes)
Is it true that shutters can’t be imported ?
What would be a solution ? Create flows in HA, and import those flows ? But what about the shutter state (50% opened, etc)

Or maybe it is possible via mqtt to import shutters devices from HA to Homey ?

Thank you

I think mqtt is key.
You can add a mqtt device, then you can select a HA device to control if I’m correct.