Queestion: What is the best way to import items from Home Assistant

As we know the current apps for Homey are spotty at best and more and more device-apps are not being supported anymore they simply do not work and are outdated because of a developer that quits their Homey or loses interest.

thats why i’m trying to import al my devices trough alternative sources like Home Assistant or MQTT but as of today there isn’t much information how to do that.

What i’ve tried:

  • Official Homey Home Assistant App: Works, Nags about being available on homey but fine, does not work with blinds / covers / curtains and some devices only show their sensor. Also the app crashes allot while importing devices (because its a long list)

  • Community Home Assistant App: Works, edit “app.json” and change the app name so you can run it together with the official one. lacks update’s the “compound” feature is broken and adding (Hue) lights doesn’t detect the dim / brightness feature only on / off

  • MQTT app: doesn’t really work? i dont know how to import devices says something abount “statestream” but appart from a ITHO Fan i never got it working with home assistant itself.

Does anyone have good idea’s ? or maybe someone wants to help with updating the community app? i’ve tought about paying a developer to update the community app but i don’t know what the standpoint is on that with the community.

thank you for reading

I’d like to support this question, struggling with the same. Due to the many problems in Homey related to the z-wave devices responding slow or not at all and a very unstable mesh network I now have migrated half of the z-wave devices to HA (that already had other integrations) and what a relief that was. I don’t want to have double integrations (e.g. the airconditioner or kitchen appliances) so the compound solution of the HA community app sounded great. It isn’t broken, but only supports limited device capabilities and has other flaws as well. The community app has not been maintained or upgraded for 4 years. Now I’m considering to try the MQTT integration/app as an alternative, but I’m not sure whether this will bring an improvement. I would like to know if other users successfully integrated MQTT into Homey to control devices that are configured in HA.
Considering the remark to upgrade the HA Community App is also an option. Should at least be upgraded to SDKv3 and the compound feature further extended.

please wait a little longer. An update for the community app is in work :wink:


Sounds great! Where can we follow the progress?

We will publish a topic in the apps group when it’s ready to test.

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