Hitachi air conditioner hi-kumo


i am planning on installing a hitachi air conditionner but unfortunatly, i did not found the homey app for homey.
i know there is an app existing but i was wondering which solution was the best between:

  • waiting for an app for homey to be released
    -buy an adaptor which make the air condinionner compatible with somfy tahoma solution. for this case i still don t know if i install the somfy app i will be able at the same time to pair on the ac.

thanks for your help

Another option is Remotec. Either ZXT-120 or ZXT-600.

Thanks for your proposal.
If I understand correctly, remotec act as a command sender. But I can’t receive information from the AC is it?

I have the small ZXT-120. It works like your air con remote does work. It reads the inside temperature (from its own sensor) and reports the status of the air con.