Looking for a good air condition portable that is supported

I have been looking for a air condition that is supported.
I found Electrolux WP71-265WT but couldn’t find anything in the app section
Neither did the Woods AC Cortina Silent G 12000 which is only ir though…

A solution is to use the Remote ZXT-120 or ZXT-600. Then almost any air con controlled via IR is supported by Homey via the Remotec.
I’ve been using a ZXT-120 with my Daikin since 2 years now.

@danone I have been looking at them cause I have two rooms with alot of stuff and the homey isnt in either…
Are they blaster or do you have to line em up perfectly?cause that could be a really good idea you handed me :smiley:

They are blasters, my ZXT-120 is nicely hidden behind a couch and does not miss a bit. The air con is not too far, though. I hear that the ZXT-600 has even bigger IR range. I don’t own one.
The Remotec app developer @TedTolboom has done a marvellous job, I can basically control all the important functions from simple on/off to fan speed, mode, target temperature etc. And I get the room temperature, too

@danone sounds awesome, final question :slight_smile: can you control all ir with it or is it limited to ac stuff??

would be awesome to be able to control cinema and stuff aswell…this sounds really great :slight_smile:

By default you can only control A/C. It has a big database of IR codes for various brands of A/C.
Plus, the app interface is meant to control A/C units.

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ah thats to bad…cause I have been looking at it before, since its the best way of using a ir blast, but if I cant use it to control anything else than just a simple ac its to bad…

But I thought that it could learn codes as well? shouldn’t you be able to learn the other ir codes then?or is it still just ac codes?

It can learn codes, and perhaps it can learn codes from a TV remote control for example. But the how you would go from Homey creating a flow and instead of volume up you have temperature up? I guess if you can live with that then it’s OK…

I checked the forum and asked for implementation as for model ZXT-310 since they seem to be more av :slight_smile: and just add a 120 to the ac :slight_smile: