Help needed: Create a flow that will create a push notification when the energy price is lowest (dynamic contract)

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I would like to get some help. The idea is to make a flow where at midnight for the next day the time/moment is calculated with the lowest energy (electicity) price.
I like to have a number from 0-23 stating the hour when the price is the lowest.
This number then can be used ( as time) to send as a push notification to everyone in the household so they can start the washmachine, dishwasher and charges at the best price.

Eg if the number is 3 then the message is “” at 3 it is the best time to start charging"

More sophisticated would be to have at midnight calculated a small array stating the best 5 hours with the best pricing.
going from cheapest to more expensive. This could look like a string 1,3,13,15,11,14.
Message would then be something like " today the best moment to charge are 1,3,13,15,11,14."

Who has any idea to make this in a flow. I tried to create something making use of PBTH but without succes.

Br Mark

Here´s an importable template / example flow for this usecase:

Flow impression:

You can just install

Go to app settings, ‘Templates’ and look for “Ask @home users one by one to (confirm) to start the washing machine at cheap energy rates
Select it and follow instructions:
Screenshot from 2022-10-11 23-03-20

Thanks for the flow. My challange is before this flow. I need to get a time when the lowest price is valid. Due to a dynamic contract this can be any time during the day. I do not want to trigger on a fixed price, only the lowest during teh day🙂

br Mark

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Then you should take another look :upside_down_face: . It’s based on “when the price is lower than xxx”. Besides, the flow trigger is just an idea/example.
The power by the hour app is very neat imho. Here’s some flow triggercard choices.

The developer Robin is very active and is busy with even more price driven functions. You can request your needs / ideas and, you’ll never know what happens, Mark.

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