Power usage at the cheapest part of the day

How can I make my advanced flow for charging my car smarter?

The setup I have is to charge when the 12 cheapest hours of the day is true. This works fine when the curve of the energy price is going the right way (from cheap in the night to expensive in the evening). This is critical as I need a fully charged car in the morning.

The other day. something happened with the prices and the curve inverted (very expensive in the night + morning and cheaper through out the day.) So my car did not charge this night and I have to find a solution. Even though it is expensive, I have to charge some time between 00:00 and 06:00 in the morning.

So, how can this be logically set up?

The app Power By The Hour has special flowcards for that. You can e.g. say you want to use the cheapest 5 hrs in the 12hrs before 6am.

Thank you!

I can’t find that part of the app, only summarizers:


I see you are using an old version of PBTH. Best is to update to the latest version.

But the Day Ahead Pricing device is the correct one. You need to select the correct market and then add the appropriate markups for your specific energy provider.

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Thank you!

Will try it out and come back to you :slight_smile:

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I am exploring this app with the newest update, does it look right?

I have set my currency to NOK, but all the cards still show euro :open_mouth:

That is a Homey feature. Cards cannot change the currency sign dynamically. But the amount is NOK in your case.