Help a girl out with new homey!

Ok, so due to some problems with the electricity in my area, my old homey blew up. Or, the cable did and took homey with it. The biggest problem is that it wasn’t me who set this smart system up, but it was my former husband. He left me and took all knowledge with him xD Also I do not have any back ups so I guess I am screwed. We are not really on speaking terms since he is too busy with his new lady :wink:

I bought myself the 2023 homey and thought to fix it myself, but I was way too optimistic. Blond me thought that homey would find all the stuff at my place and then I could do sth with it with some help from google, but homey doesnt see anything, or I am doing something wrong. I know I have fibaro stuff everywhere and I know that the shutters are driven by domoticz through pi.

I am willing to learn and I really want to do as much as I can by myself (on the old homey I could even set up a flow for a certain time) but I really need some help getting started since I cannot have peak at the old system (so I can’t simply copy what is there, or better back it up). Is there anyone who could help me, even if it is just a phone call to get me started? Preferably in Dutch or Polish, but English is ok too. Is there a way to get a backup from a non working homey :see_no_evil: If it is a lot of work, I am willing to pay for your help!

I really hope there is someone out there willing to help a single mom out haha!

Grtz Emilia

It would help to know which technology you use for the connections. Wifi, zigbee, etc.

Zigbee or Z-wave can be added by just downloading the app to homey and start looking / pairing them. Mostly even an image is shown how to do so.

On WIFI or others you prob. First need to add the device to the original app to (re)configure it. After that, again download the application on the homey and add it trough the IP or token you got for the Wifi device.

There are just so many variables it is hard to explain all one by one. Small tip; there are a lot of videos on youtube. This might help you big-time!

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When I clicked on a fibaro switch in homey

, it showed me I have to push a button on the switch. The switch is in the wall, so do I really have to take everything out?

I am so new at this. How can I figure out if it is z wave (which sounds familiar) or wifi? I guess switches aren’t connected through wifi though.

Fibaro is zwave. And yes, u ll need to get to your devices. So when they r in the wall u ll need to open it up.

It is not always necessary to open the wall. I have some ‘in wall Zigbee modules which’ I during migrate from HP19 to HP23 could repair not only with pushing the button on the module itself, but it was also possible with the connected pulsswitch which I have connected to the module. At least you can try :slight_smile:


You are right marco, I did a little research on the internet. The fibaro dimmers seem to have 2 options to pair. One is the standard of way (a pairing button). The other one is putting it on/off for 3 times and repeat that after a :white_check_mark: appeared, just like how light bulbs can be paired.

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You can also press the switch 3 times (if you have momentary switches) instead of the B button on the device itself. Note that you have to wait after the first step until the lights are calibrated before you press it again 3 times in step 2.

Isn’t that what I added 1h ago? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi everyone,

The 3x on off doesn’t work, probably because the switches are still linked to the old homey🙈 so I guess I have to take everything out and fix it… argh.

Does anyone know how to fix the link between domoticz with pi and homey? I already learned that the http flow card app is not compatible with the new homey… any other ideas?

Thank you guys so much for all the help and ideas!

In Logic there is a Card:


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Maybe you should do a factory reset prior to pair. For any device instructions should exist, f.i.

This is very likely an unforgettable stupid question, but here I go :crazy_face: : is there no possibility to get the user + pass of the old Homey (send a mutual friend to the guy, to talk the info out of him? :partying_face: :rofl:) In that case you can read the backup (if they were made back then) back to your Pro 23. Saves you days weeks of work.

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The old homey is blown up. And my ex had no login to the old one anymore, but on my account I do not see a back up and… I can’t make one because the old one doesn’t turn on. :frowning:

Grasping at straws and you are going to need to re-pair devices anyway but …

Did you change his password and is it still known to you? The backup might exist still within the old account if it is still archived somewhere.

Is your new Homey within that same previous account or in a new one?

Does he have a Homey now?

Don’t want to be mean but eh…
There is a forgot password option isn’t it?
I bet there is something else going on.

Anyway, you could try to press the switch on/off with a sec in between for like 5 times in stead of 3. Sometimes it helps to do a couple more. If that doesn’t work, you ll have to open it up.

Is this a Card for the new homey? I could fix this on the old one, but on the 2023v there are no HTTP cards. or am I doing sth wrong?

He did not have access to the old homey anymore. His account (which I can log into indeed) doesn’t have a back up. Mine doesnt have it either… He doesn’t have a Homey now for all I know.

I think any backup is lost I’m afraid

Sorry, I don’t have a 2023version, this is from the “old” version, maybe someone else can tell if it is available @Peter_Kawa ?

It is available on the 2023 version. It is under “Then” and “Logic”, as it is on the 2019.