Heiman smokesensor EF-30

the smoke detector mentioned above is recognized as a Trust Zigbee smoke detector. is also displayed this way in Homey. However, the icon is grey and nothing else happens, no action is reported, nothing at all. anyone have an idea why this is? regards!

I don’t know the Heiman Smoke Sensor EF-30 and I can’t find this sensor on the Heiman website either.
However, from your description it seems to be a Zigbee sensor. Unfortunately, the Homey Heiman app only supports Z-Wave devices. So this device is not supported yet.
Zigbee smoke sensors are also not supported as a generic device, what means, an app is needed.

The fact that the sensor is recognized by the Trust Smart Home (Zigbee) app may be correct under certain circumstances. But of course it’s not correct that the smoke sensor was recognized as a Gijs (Gijs = gas?) sensor.
My suggestion is to contact Athom Support, the developer of the Trust Smart Home (Zigbee) app.

thanks for your answer and advice.

I notice that no type numbers are mentioned within the apps, for example those from Heiman and Trust, do you know why not? For example, is there a list of brands and type numbers available somewhere? Thank you in advance and have a nice day

The device IDs for the Heiman devices are listed in the App Store. This is also the case for most off device apps.
Also for most of the Apps there is a corresponding topic in the forum in which the device IDs are listed.
Unfortunately, a complete list is not yet available.

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