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Why is my Handy often listed (in this moment three times) under “my phones”? I have to delete this many times a week. My wife also has two similar Handys in this account.

Warum erscheint mein Handy öfter in meinem Account? Das führt zu langen Listen beim Hinzufügen von Nachrichten in Flows und ich muss öfter aufräumen. Auch meine Frau erscheint plötzlich zwei mal

Re-installs of the App on your phone generates new installation IDs
Try to delete old phones at https://my.athom.com/#/phones
Check your flows and choose the correct phone.

1.) I have NOT reinstalled the app. That cannot be the reason. Is there also a new ID, if I open the browser???
2.) Yes, there i have to delete old phones and i do it often.
3.) At flows I see SOME Handys with the same Name and sometimes with another Name for the same Handy (Oneplus3 and Oneplus3003). Of course only, when there are too much Handys in the account-settings

So u have more phones coming to ur account every day and ur not re-installing the apps?

I think not every day. About three a week. And some very rare times one of them disappears after some days. Cant find logic

Hmmm. OR check ur wife’s phone, OR there is magic happening!:joy:

Did you have installed the homey app and also the Homey preview app on your Phone?? then you would have at least 2 times your Phone in the list.

Multiple times a week?

Yes, both. Do I need to uninstall the preview? Normaly i only use the other

Yes, multiple. Delete one and some times later a new. Maybe, the preview app does something, but i only use the normal one

No need to delete it, just having 2 phones in your list.

I use both old and new Apps on multiple Android devices, and only get new device registrations on re-installs.
I Also use the Web interface from these mobiles and never get new devices for that.

Looks like an OnePlus issue, maybe it removes the App settings for the Homey apps from your Android. ?

I dont think so. Its Lineageos and not the original System

Ok, that makes sense,
I haven’t heard of other Homey App users on other Android versions with the same problem.

please try to find out if it also happens on the stock firmware, maybe a difference in Lineageos
makes it incompatibel with the Homey App. (or vice versa if you want.)

I’ve use LineageOS for 1,5 year while using the ‘new’ beta Homey app without any issues.
Even ROM updates did not trigger an new device in my Homey account.

Was running LOS 14.1 and later 15 on a Nexus 6.