<group> is randomly switching on and off my lights

I have the lights in my living room collected in a “group”. This lighting group is switched by two flows: on at sun down and off at about 23:30. I noticed that the lights were switched on in the middle of the day, so I turned them off. When I looked at the log, it seems that the flows are switching the group as planned (bottom of picture), but “group” is switching them on and off at random times throughout night and day. How can I stop this? Aprreciate your help.

PS I have not created a flow called “group”, in case you wonder.

If you have log cards added to your flows, you can check the logs for events at those points in time.
Sometimes a flow which turns on a group device, isn’t mentioned in that device overview, there’s just < group > …

Thank you for your comment.

My observation: the flows that control switching on and off in the evening are systematically mentioned correctly and running every day. The event that is switching the group on and off at other times is systematically referred to as “group”.

One thing that I noticed is that the time the lights switches on at night (last time Jul 21 4:29) is just after the software update to version 8.0.3 (at 4:28). But the issue existed before, because I can look back until Jul 5. The lights are not switched on every day, but we also do not get software updates every day.

If the updates are coming in around 4 o’clock in the morning (on some days), it remains to be explained why the lights are (sometimes) switched on in the middle of the day, at 12:26 and sometimes switched off a few minutes later, sometimes not, remaining on until the proper flow switches them off.

As I wrote, add log cards to your flows (Papertrails or SimpleLog) and enter the flow name f.i.

I have similar issues sometimes, today as well:

“KaKu” turned the light on. That’s not very clear.

In the log, I can see which flow was involved

Thanks, I’ll have a look at these log cards, as the existing logs are quite limited (if existing at all).

When a flow ir user changes the DIM level of a dimable device it is logged rhe same way. Device turned on by <
appName >. This is just how it works.