Google text to speech (tts)

@denniedegroot several times TTS does not run a flow (tts time-out) while the same flow sometimes via Test does run but also not always
made this logging. (dit already PTP)

App crashed

Actually I have to use for TTS Volume values between 0-100% now while Chromecast app from Homey use 0-1 … I’m solving this now with two Variables (setting all Smartspeakers to different volume during day and night) but maybe it could be Harmonized? Eg. both will be accepted so current setups will be not broken? (eg.values 0-1 will be autoconverted to 0-100?) @denniedegroot please :slight_smile: ?
Btw, thanks for this very very useful app.

Hi @denniedegroot
I started using your app for a week now (v.1.4.2), but i hardly get it to work. It works and then it stops… Restarting helps, but only sometimes. Mostly the app does not function.
Any idea what i am doing wrong?

@Quin, I have exactly the same. I gave up on the app. I recorded everything it can say and uploaded it to my YouTube account as a video you can only open by link. I cast the video (with audio only) to the chromecast…

The app is indeed very unstable. Even when I push test button somethimes just nothing happens etc.

Unfortunately… After the volume tag fix, the app has become useless. The cards using the app are stuck and eventually stop after some sort of timeout(?). Out of the 10 attempts to test it, only one worked.

After the last update, it’s even wors, now it’s hardly working at all (Homey V 4.2.0).

Hi guys,

I’m having problems with this app for a while now too. The flows all no longer work as it gets stuck with there is a flow card with Google TTS. I wonder if I can route the Text to Speech to Sonos instead and dump this app completely.


Hello! Help! The app is not working well. 8/10 times the Google is not speaking up.

Please look in to this.

Grt Paul

This app has become unusable. I can’t trust it to work anymore. I switched to speech on the Homey again. Please fix it :slight_smile:

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@denniedegroot Ive got the same problem, its useless for me!

BTW, Thanks for your great work! :wink:

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Maybe it is not developer / app problem!?
In any case, that’s not the way to appreciate gratitude to the developer and effort he put to even create this app.

Maybe we all should have expressed our gratitude in the complaint it’s not working. :slight_smile:

But the fact that we post the problems with the app proves that a lot of people use this great app. So all credits to Dennie for creating the app and hopefully a solution for the current problem👍


Btw if this helps : b95c1249-2b63-428f-b81c-d25c33643011


Btw :

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Yes great app and I was using it a lot. To direct speech to the different Chromecast speakers was really helpful. Any idea what the problem or a fix could be?

Working with latest fix on google-tts-api library/module :

New app is live and works great!!

Yes, TTS v 1.4.3 was installed this morning, works very well again👍.