Google Nest SDM

I miss the ‘home/away’ option.
Would like to start a flow when Nest detects that no one is home. Seems to be an option in the Nest app of homey (does not work there for me too, it asks me to login…)
But in this app it is no option at all…

Why not use Homey’s home/away setting? Or the one from the Homey app ‘smart presence’?

Did not implement that as there were so many options to do home/away. But will check if it is easy to do.

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most of them don’t work that good… But I just checked the Nest one, does not work that good either :slight_smile:
The only one that does work good is the one in my Homewizard. But can’t use that one either.
And before forcing my wife to install yet an other app, I have to be sure it works perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

@telenut I use the homey app for home/away on android phone and for my wife her iphone I installed smart presence on homey to check if she’s connected to the wifi, and change her state by that in homey. This works really good here. Also no additional apps required

@Martin_Verbeek is it possible to add the image of the doorbell to the cards? (because now the image is not updated yet)

Hi Dominic, you mean an Image tag/token? Let me check, as i thought the code is already mostly there .

Hi, yes the image token

What exactly do you mean with not updated yet…is the image in the Last Chime tag not updated when you want to use it in the triggerflow of alarm chime?

Yes the image of the chime is not updated yet, in the alarm chime flow

can you try 6.4.1, just published to HCS

Hi, it seems to work correct now, thank you

Is there a reason why this app wprks with Hub Max and not hub?

Yes, hub is not supported in the SDM API…

Martin Verbeek

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Drat, pity as I have no Hub max and 4 Hubs and 3 nest speakers which are also not included