Google Nest SDM

Can you guys, those of you using Nest Protect with Legacy Nest option, check your logs, if you are not getting disconnected / de-authenticated after a while from Google Cloud ? It seems that for me the connection works only for 1-2 days max…

Same here. :-/

I am checking into it.


i have the exact same issue, have you had any luck with it

@Martin_Verbeek, do you think it will be possible to implement motion detection from Nest Protect Smoke detectors?
Or is this restricted by Google?

Well in the new API there is no support anyway for the protects, in the new update of the app it will support motion for the wired protect but it is is more of occupancy than motion, but the support will be there.

Martin Verbeek

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6.3.0 will be uploaded to HCS. It will contain motion support for wired nest protect. Still sometimes see some glitches with it. But please provide feedback.

For person/face recognition some better checking and the addition of an unknown face condition. You now have any face, known face, unknown face and a specific face.

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The changelog is showing version 7.0, but i only see version 6.3.0 to install?

Oops… will be there in a few weeks…

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My problem starts at “GCP” already :frowning:

Need a bit more info

I updated the app…and go to configuration…so far no problem…but when I oben rider GCP and follow the steps on the google console…no idea what i have to fill in…but I paid the USD 5 :slight_smile:

At the beginning of this thread there is guide to follow.

Got it did it…doesn´t work… It worked with the old version till 4 month ago, so… at the end you write something about the login for homey app… " The Homey app now shows the Login button." no login button for me…where is it?? :slight_smile:

No idea why…after 10 minutes Nest protect was found …this is crazy :slight_smile:

So…what will happen if I enter two more google Nest Protect?? Just connect them or the same procedure again?? Or Do I need just the project number??

Could you tell me a bit more what you are trying to do… reinstalling? You have installed a version a while ago and deinstalled and redo??

Login button only appears when all info it needs is available.

Could you Pm me some screenshots of the gcp/nest setup screens…

Martin Verbeek

For Nest protect you do not need any project id or other GCP info, you just need to get a code under the Legacy Nest tab. That will make all nest protects visible.

Martin Verbeek

:joy: all the work for nothing But thanks for your help…

I don’t get your response, it is clearly mentioned in the first post: