Google nest hub not found

Hi all

I’ve recently purchased a Google nest hub charcoal.
After configuring the device on google home without problems I tried to add the device on Homey.
On homey the device cannot be found. What could be the possible reasons for this?

Thanks in advance

Try the app Chromecast in the appstore

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am using the Chromecast app. Sorry for not including this in my initial post

Is your hub in google assistant? Otherwise try to synchronise, he google synchronise. Synchronising also can be done by linking homey in google assistant and in homey synchronise enabling.

Yes, my hub is in google assistant, however when syncing it does not show up in my devices. When trying to add the device it says no new devices have been found. I can use it to send voice commands to homey but I cannot select the device in flows.

Solution found: After resetting the chromecast app on homey I was able to add the device.