Google Home not seeing all devices (and how to read back status?)

I have added my Homey Pro to Google Home, but it doesn’t find all devices connected to Homey. Specifically, I have a Fibaro Smart Implant connected to my garage door opener, and I want to be able to both control the garage door and get statuses from the Smart Implant. The inputs are both connected, and I’d like to be able to ask Google for the status of the inputs, preferably with a sensible response. One input will show the door status (open or closed), so I’d like to have Google tell me that in plain words. The other is connected to a through-beam sensor that shows if the opening is blocked or not.

Is that even possible (provided Google had even seen the Fibaro device, which it does not). I’m still new to this stuff, so the question might be stupid, but I couldn’t find relevant info on this exact problem.

I’m pretty sure there is no equivalent in Goole for a Fibaro smart implant, so I’m not surprised. Especially since the implant has multiple functions. A workaround for this is to create virtual devices that Google Assistant does understand and link those with flows to the smart implant.

Asking Google for the status of e.g. an open door is not possible afaik. What you could to is create a flow that casts a text to a specific smart speaker using Google TTS. If you make the flow favorite, you can ask Google to execute the flow that speaks out the state to the predefined speaker. As you cannot tell from which smart speaker the request originated, you cannot easily get the answer on the smart speaker it originated from automatically, you have to pick one in the flow.

And by the way, the questions are far from stupid, this is what the forum is for.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I am already using Virtual Devices for other stuff, so I am familiar with that concept. It seems somewhat wasteful to have to add multiple virtual devices (and flows to set those devices when the status of the originating device changes), but I suppose that’s the only possible method as of now.

It’s a pity it’s impossible to read back a status to the originating device, as that would be quite useful.

Tell me something, I have 7 smart speakers around the house :grinning: