Display status of input

I have a micro switch connected to Homey via Fibaro smart implant, and the switch is closed when the garage door is closed.
I can get a visual status of this in the device list in homey, but the status is not very informative, as there is only a slight color change in the device list of the fibaro smart implant. I can never remember what will show the port as closed or open.

Is there any way to have really clear status of the switch?

Examples: text on the device status saying “Closed” or “Open”, or an icon that changes based on status, so it can show a closed or open garage door.

Have a look at the app “virtual devices” you can create your own device and let it change at when your garage door changes status.

I have actually used a virtual device, but can i change the visual appearance of the virtual device depending on the state?

The icon state difference is very subtle, but when you add a virtual device, select type = “lock”, and tick all boxes, it apears like this
Screenshot from 2022-07-26 00-38-40

Screenshot from 2022-07-26 00-38-54

Thanks a lot, this one did it!
(Technically the door is not locked but closed, but this is easy enough to understand even for me :slight_smile: )

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Hmm, for my old eyes the little hole in padlock ring is not so informative. As the thread starts from visuality - then may-be use a virtual door/window sensor (or… i’m not 100% sure, but was it possible to configure implant also to be as a alarm system sensor?!?), which one gives a big yellow exclamation mark or nothing, depending alarmed/not state.